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You probably don???t feel like reading a whole bunch of stuff, so here???s the short version:

We???re 5 DJs from Slovenia???s capital Ljubljana. Each of us has a particular musical preference, allowing us to cover pretty much the whole specter of modern club vibes. Our show might start with an old school hip hop/soul joint, then move towards various kinds of breakbeat, funk and broken beat to warm-up the dancefloor. When the right moment comes, we???ll take it up a notch with tougher bass-heavy dancefloor killers ranging from breaks, crack house, electro to dubstep, kuduro and drum???n’bass. What we love the most is to cover the dancefloor for the whole night – five of us mashing it up into an unpredictable, ??anything-can-happen-and-it-probably-will?? beats???n’bass galore.

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We formed back in 2000, fresh in our college years. Our enthusiasm with drum???n’bass shaped our lives for the next 5 years – in 2001 we developed, one of the first websites dedicated to promoting drum???n’bass music across Slovenian and ex-Yugoslav scene. A tight community of drum???n???bass fans evolved around the site which brought a greater recognition to the local music scene.

During 2001 in 2004 we formed tight relationships with one of the most influential hiphop/breakbeat collectives in Slovenia ??? Radyoyo, allowing us to perform on their widely popular shows and help organize many memorable events, especially in Ljubljana???s Media Park (now Cvetli??arna) that brought great revival to drum???n???bass and breakbeat music scene in Slovenia. During this time we also started exploring new sounds which eventually turned our musical focus towards breakbeat and various other even more eclectic musical genres. Being madly obsessed with the infamous Solid Steel radio show also contributed to our wider love for “all-things-breakbeat”.

The beginning of 2007 brought another milestone moment for us when we closed down after six years and took a completely different approach towards building our active role on the web. Our newly build blog site enabled us to express and share our own musical preferences and everyday cultural and creative activities in a relaxed and more personal tone. In three years of existence we were able to post nearly 500 posts on a wide range of topics collecting more than 4300 comments from our devoted readers and followers.

In 2008 we started shaping Ljubljana???s clubbing scene taking part in SubSub club???s creative programme. In one and a half years of active participation through organizing and promoting various events and of course providing DJ support we brought many established and newcoming artist names that are rocking today???s global clubbing scene: Gilles Peterson, Shy FX, Benji B, Boom Monk Ben, Ed Solo, Benny Page, Mala, Breakage, Freestylers, etc.

In summer 2009 we were invited to play a two hour slot on the increasingly recognizable Soundwave festival on the Croatian coast. Our show started off on late Sunday afternoon with around 20 people lying and relaxing on the beach, later on escalating into a full blown party mayhem with 200-300 heads jumping up and down to our beats.

Season 2009/2010 saw us shifting to another Ljubljana???s highly established nightclub ??? Klub K4, where we participated in a series of regular breabeat events called Brejki. These nights showcased some of the most important figures from the international breakbeat scene (Napt, Featurecast, Rennie Pilgrem).

This year things are big. We finally launched our very own podcast channel under the new BrandNu Mashin??? moniker, conceptualized and developed by our good friends at Subtotal crew. BrandNu Mashin??? is a clear move towards representing Nu sounds and Nu ideas in the region through gigs, podcasts and other web and cultural interactions. We aim to bring fresh beats and vibes.

And last but not least ??? on 28th May 2010 our special one hour mix was published on Ninja Tune???s Solid Steel webcast site ??? something we???re really proud of. Our 30-track mashup onslaught (unofficially know also as ???P4B rides SOLID STEEL???) rated more than 2500 plays and 650 downloads in only two weeks, statistically beating some of the other Solid Steel regulars on the site.

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