To aid in the development of these systems

Apart from examining the detailed mechanisms behind the function of the tNTS, current projects aim to derive novel tumour specific nuclear targeting signals and to exploit both these and the tNTS to enhance the delivery of nuclear acting drugs/DNA by incorporating them into our modular DNA delivery systems, along with other tumour enhanced modules with an aim towards the development of truly tumour specific anti cancer therapies.To aid in the development of these systems, novel technology platforms are being developed to complement/enhance the ongoing work in these fields, including high throughput protein protein interaction assays, multi colour FACS based analysis techniques and microarray based systems for analyzing the efficiency of DNA/drug delivery to cells.Regulation of Nuclear ImportNegative regulators of nuclear import (NRNIs) are novel molecules we have recently identified that inhibit IMP dependent nuclear import, and thereby influence processes such as oncogenesis/apoptosis in addition to development. The BRCA1 binding protein, BRAP2 Replica Hermes Birkin, is one example, being highly expressed in the testis and able to bind NLS containing proteins to inhibit their nuclear import. An exciting project intends to examine the role of BRAP2 and other NRNIs in spermatogenesis, in particular looking for their binding partners in the testis, some of which have already been identified.

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