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Nada. Zilch. That how many polls have shown Donald Trump ahead in Michigan since the national party conventions. “I just have to do my best and leave it all on the field. I want to leave on a high note. I want to leave a lasting mark.”And with that response, the rest of the North Coast Section teams let out a giant collective sigh.Despite the persistent rains and game postponements, the 5 foot 8, 155 pound Williams has been better and more dominating than ever.Heading into Monday’s Best of the West Tournament in Santa Maria, Williams hasn’t allowed an earned run in 39 innings and has allowed just two hits, no walks and has struck out 102 while going 7 0.She had a string of three consecutive perfect games a state record shared by four others including legendary Lisa Fernandez broken with a one hitter in a 12 0 win over Pittsburg on Monday.Her career numbers: 74 8 record, 55 shutouts, 1,045 strikeouts in 5641/3 innings.

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fake oakleys “Our original goal was to get to $50,000, but, hopefully, now, we can make it to $40,000.”And this figureis where the whole project begins: “Theartist can then take that vision statement and think, ‘OK, we’ve got $35,000to spend. What can I create with that?'” Vassallo said. “It’s, obviously, not going to be a gold plated statue, but, knowing what they have to work with, they can take that and their vision of the concept and come up with a design.”The city and foundation will then narrow the choices down to three. fake oakleys

cheap oakleys With Tony Allen sitting out due to an injury to his right groin, the Grizzlies used their cheap oakleys sixth different starting lineup during a win Tuesday night over the Denver Nuggets.Mike Conley, James Ennis, Chandler Parsons, JaMychal Green and Marc Gasol were on the floor for the opening tip. But the night belonged to Vince Carter.Yes, the 39 year old ageless wonder, who made the game winning assist to Gasol for the buzzer beating basket.Carter also led the Griz in scoring with 20 points off the bench. Michael Jordandid so at 40 years old (2002 03 Wizards).The game marked the first 20 point game for Carter since he scored 23 on March 23, 2014 while playing for the Dallas Mavericks.”That was exactly what we drew up,” Griz coach David Fizdale said cheap oakleys.

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