Slaves to Gravity – Big Red

Preden pa grem pa ??e spot, ki se ga obljublja ??e 100 let. Zre??iral ga je Gary Shore, sproduciral Di:vision, ??e par tehni??nih podatkov:

Executive producer: Rok Bukovec
Producer: Toma?? ??retnik
Director: Gary Shore
D.O.P.: Simon Pintar
Assistant director: Jure Matja??i??
Styling: Katja Rosa
Make up: Sa??a Godej??a
Edit: An??e Koron, Jure Matja??i??
Stop motion and compositing: Teo Ri??nar, Gary Shore, Urban Vu??er, Sa??o ?eruga
3D background: ??iga Pokorn

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  1. hi Big Red
    It’s a nice clip you got there
    Really interesting styling work.
    I’m working in design in france
    and i d like to know if there is a way to contact your stylist katja rosa on a web site, a blog or by mail.

    Komentiral(a) je Jako — September 22, 2007 #

  2. This could be it: http://roza.blog.siol.net/


    Komentiral(a) je besso — September 24, 2007 #

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