Raiders’ jerseys to feature a charity

Raiders Group chief executive Simon Hawkins insists the Green Machine is financially stable despite giving away prime position on its jersey to a charity.

The ACT based Cancer Support Group will have its logo on Raiders jerseys until the club can find a company willing to meet its seven figure naming rights sponsorship asking price.

”If you look at the Broncos or some of the more successful teams, St George, Manly, some of those clubs may be able to secure a little more than that.

”Canberra, being in a one team town and having that additional media exposure, I would think that’s their value in this market.”

The Broncos’ deal with the NRMA is estimated to be the richest in the NRL at about $1.5million a year, wholesale nfl jerseys while the leading clubs in the AFL can command anywhere up to $2million annually for a naming rights sponsor.

The ACT Brumbies are understood to have penned a sponsorship deal in excess of $1million a season for next season.

The Tradies/CMFEU has been the Raiders’ major sponsor for the past two years before reducing its level of sponsorship for 2012.

The Raiders have been canvassing possible new sponsors since August but haven’t given up hope of locking in a deal ahead of the round one clash with the Melbourne Storm at Canberra Stadium.

The Cancer Support Group logo will be on the front and back of Raiders jerseys, both their home and away strips, until a new major sponsor can be found.

Smith, who has more than 25 years experience in the sports marketing industry, said the Raiders’ brand would benefit by being aligned with a charity organisation.

”It shows that the club has made an attempt to pass on some valuable property to a really needy cause,” he said.

”Of course, there’ll be a time when they’ll want that to be a commercial brand, but it shows a commitment to good community causes.”

Hawkins raised the possibility of selling the space on the front and the back of the club’s jersey separately.

The front could potentially be worth $600,000 while the back could fetch up to $400,000.

It appears the most likely alternative unless the Raiders can convince one of their former sponsors to return to the fold.

”It’s very difficult to find someone new to the game who has that sort of money and trust,” Smith said.

”You either have to go back to someone that has drifted away from the NRL and you think is in the position of growth that could come back, or you split the value and sell the front and back of the jumper.

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