25 years of Solid Steel

25. aprila v Klubu K4!

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Sredi???e w/ place4bass DJs

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Ariana Grande reportedly had a proposed performance at the White House rejected because of the outcry over her doughnut licking scandal last year.

WikiLeaks published thousands of emails on Friday that it had hacked from the Democratic National Committee, including one thread revealing Ariana was vetted prior to being booked to sing at a White House gala late last year.

Gawker reports the singer passed the criminal and financial record checks, but the background checks included a detailed report on the controversy surrounding the incident in which Ariana was caught on camera at a doughnut shop.

The Bang Bang hitmaker licked two doughnut she did not pay for at a bakery in California, and was also caught saying “I hate America”.

There was public outcry after video footage was released, as Republican congressman Jeff Duncan from South Carolina called out America’s “double standards” for not bashing the popstar over her candid words the same way it had presidential candidate Donald Trump over his comments regarding Mexican migrants.

The White House report also includes notes about Ariana blasting a fan over a homophobic remark about her gay brother Frankie.

In the leaked emails, staff member Kevin Snowden summarizes the vetting of the pop star, and wrote, “Video caught her licking other peoples’ dounuts while saying she hates America; Republican Congressman used this video and said it was a double standard that liberals were not upset with her like they are with Trump who criticized Mexicans;Cheap Jerseys from china cursed out a person on Twitter after that person used an offensive word towards her brother.”

Upon this review, White House employee Bobby Schmuck replied simply to the suggestion that Ariana perform at the presidential gala with, “Nope, sorry.”

Whitehall wages war on Canada geese

CHRISTMAS may be coming, but the geese are getting far too fat for the liking of the Government. And the Heritage Department has already shot 100 of them secretly at dawn on Bird Island in St James’ Park, the very place where they were first introduced to Britain from North America, as an ornamental species, by Charles II 325 years ago.

The numbers of Canada Geese, the football hooligans of the bird world, is doubling every eight years. Forty years ago there were only 2,000 in Britain, now there are well over 60,000, and by the end of the decade there will be around 120,000.

They are aggressive, crowding out other waterfowl, and attack children trying to feed the ducks. They damage crops and strip the banks of ponds and lakes of grass.

Cursed with regrettable digestive systems, they produce prodigious amounts of slimy green excrement each bird deposits an inch and a half long dropping every three or four minutes.

They have no natural predators here (even foxes are reluctant to take them on). They can live for 12 years, and they are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

They also have famous friends. The fight got so fierce that Rentokil, the company hired to carry out the cull, refused to do the deed, fearing ‘irreparable’ damage to its reputation.

The RSPCA decries ‘character assassination of a species’ while the RSPB says ‘Canada Geese should be innocent until proven guilty’. Chastened by this fiasco, Whitehall has set up a working group, including conservationists, hunters, bureaucrats and Wandsworth Council, to come up with a ‘humane solution’.

The group has just come up with the idea of coating the eggs with paraffin, but this is banned by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Park keepers in Milton Keynes take the eggs from nests, soon after they are laid, cook them in a tea urn and return them, thus fooling the parents into going to work on hard boiled eggs. Bromley Council puts trip wires around its ponds to stop the geese waddling on to the grass.

Privately many members of the working groups say that killing geese is the only effective solution. Hunters can already shoot them in the spring and summer, but are forbidden to sell their carcasses, and have had little impact on the population. And so far, the Government has been wary of ordering an organised slaughter.

The Heritage Department last week admitted to the Independent on Sunday that they had secretly shot 100 geese in St James’s Park in the early hours of one morning last July. Asked why it had not made it public, a spokesman said that was part of ‘the normal day to day management of wildfowl’, before confirming that it was ‘unprecedented’.

One senior Environment Department official has his own solution: he ate a Canada Goose for dinner last New Year’s Day. ‘People say they are inedible,’ he said. ‘They may taste a bit gamey, but they make jolly good eating.’

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Stictly Social

Prulski Social Club je prostor, kjer vlada triumvirat domiselne street hrane, takih in druga??nih likvidnih pogruntav????in in gruvi muzike. Po naklju??ju so to stvari, na katere tudi v ekipi P4B damo veliko…
V sredo, 16. oktobra, zato tam za??enjamo s prvim iz serije medtedenskih ve??erov, na katerih bo seveda poudarek na zgoraj omenjenih re??eh.

Stvar je preprosta, Social Club poskrbi za hrano in pija??o (iz njihove kuhinje prihajajo govorice o japonskem degustacijskem meniju) mi pa za glasbeno spremljavo, ki bo tokrat osredoto??ena na all things funky. Staro, novo, hitro po??asno … Let the good times roll!

Social Club (Hrenova 19, Ljubljana)

V sredo od 18h do 23h

Prou n?? :)

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ATTAWAPISKAT, Ont. Even at the height of so called Goose Break and the depth of an ongoing attempted suicide crisis in this remote James Bay First Nation, Mary’s is humming along.

A steady flow of patrons, greeted by a friendly young woman, order coffee, sandwiches and other basic diner offerings, paying by cash or debit.

Located in a nondescript trailer typical of many Attawapiskat buildings, only an easily missed “open” sign signals the kind of enterprise and normalcy so easily obscured by the headlines that have grabbed international attention and the very real issues facing the community.

On the wall behind the handful of tables and chairs on one end, a large flat screen TV is carrying a slightly snowy version of a news channel from Winnipeg.

In many ways, Attawapiskat population 2,100 has all the trappings of any small town, wholesale jerseys from china including older folk lamenting the changing of the times.

“Nobody goes to churches any more,” a semi retired Mike Gull is telling a visitor. “But when somebody dies, oh, yeah, they pack the church.”

A short distance from Mary’s, down a badly pock marked road whose springtime surface, like all roads in the community, alternates between boot squelching mud, mini lakes and ice, a Northern store is doing a brisk business.

Part supermarket, part department store, Northern would not be out of place in any small town, although southerners might suffer serious sticker shock. A bag of milk goes for $7.99. A case of small pop is on sale for $22. Lines form at the two cash dispensing machines and at the checkouts, even though this is a slow time with the annual exodus to the bush known as Goose Break.

“Right now, everybody is busy hunting,” says Jacklin Kleter Sr. “Most of the families are going out, taking their kids out hunting.”

A few blocks away, the lone Pizza Pizza offers a euphemistically titled “family sized” pizza for $31. A couple of curious kids munch on fries. Outside, a bulldozer belonging to a local construction business growls away at clearing an over full culvert.

Somewhat incongruously in a community that requires about an hour to walk its perimeter, Kleter drives a cab part time. He arrived in 1981 from Moosonee, the nearest main centre about 225 kilometres to the southeast as the crow flies.

“I drive taxi for myself,” Kleter says. “It keeps me busy during the summer months.”

What you won’t find in Attawapiskat is a movie theatre, a busy community centre, or a town hall the band office, closed for Goose Break, is in a temporary trailer because the old permanent office is condemned.

One recent afternoon, as the weather improves, couples thread their way around puddles that young children relish jumping in, while other kids ride bicycles and a plethora of scary looking but totally docile dogs romp around, ignoring the ubiquitous trash that litters the place.

Her favourite pastime, eight year old Shakira Koostachin says, is going to the park near the river or riding a bike.

“We play hide and seek. Sometimes we go in the bushes,” Shakira says.

The one thing she really would like is to go swimming especially in weeks like these when the modern brick elementary school is closed.

“Most kids are wishing for a YMCA,” she says.

Apart from tracks that run short distances from the reserve say to James Bay or the nearby First World dump there’s nowhere to drive, except around and around Attawapiskat, which some folk like to do.

The isolation and acute housing shortage means almost everything doctors, teachers and everyday supplies has to be flown in, although an ice road in winter and barges when waterways are open are also used. And most pregnant moms still have to be flown out to have their babies.

Many residents small town friendly if somewhat shy are born and raised in the community. Others, like Norbert Witt, a semi retired professor of indigenous studies originally from southern Germany, are from away.

Technically, he says, Attawapiskat has improved from when he first arrived in 1989. For one thing, there is indoor plumbing and tap water, which most people consider a health hazard. On the downside, he says, people are losing their Cree language and the social cohesion has loosened, contributing, he says, to the current crisis.

Gull, however, scratches his head when asked about the rash of attempted suicides by young people that has again put Attawapiskat on the map.

“I wasn’t aware of what there was until I read it in the newspaper,” Gull says. “Nobody said anything to me how bad it was. Until I read it in the paper.”

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Thank you for reading 12 free articles on our site. If you are a 7 day subscriber, you may enjoy all of our valuable local news and information at no extra charge; you simply need to set up an online account. Otherwise, click Subscribe to try our Day Pass only $2.50 or one of our monthly digital packages. If you do not wish to subscribe at this time, you may come back at the end of your 30 day period for another 12 free articles. Need help? Please contact us at 434 385 5440.

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Co founder of pro gun III Percent movement is dead at 63PINSON, Ala. (AP) The angry and vocal co founder of the extremist, pro gun III Percent movement has died.

Psychiatrist: Man accused of stabbing father not competentOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A man accused of fatally stabbing his father,Cheap Jerseys free shipping cheapnfljerseysonlinemg the state’s former labor commissioner, suffers from paranoid delusions and is mentally incompetent to stand trial for first degree murder, a psychiatrist wrote in a report released Wednesday.

Cold Case trial: defense says woman fell from boat in 1962LAKE CHARLES, La. (AP) The southwest Louisiana coroner who reopened the investigation of a 1962 death says he’s “100 percent sure” that the 22 year old woman was killed, rather than the victim of an accidental drowning.

New report will fuel debate over closing Guantanamo prisonWASHINGTON (AP) A new report on Guantanamo detainees tells the stories of former al Qaida bomb makers and bodyguards as well as low level militant cooks and medics who have been transferred or cleared for release despite fears they are at risk of returning to battle.

Outburst of shooting stars up to 200 mph meteors per hourCAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) The heavens will be bursting with shooting stars this week.

Virginia will release list of 13K felons who had voter registrations cancelled by court orderVirginia’s top election official said Wednesday that the state will release the names of roughly 13,000 felons removed from voter rolls under last month’s court order that struck down Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s blanket restoration of felons’ political rights.

Free suicide prevention training to help public ID, assist those in needIt’s been weeks since the advertisement went out for the free suicide prevention training.

Association names award for Lynchburg’s Commonwealth’s AttorneyThe Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys has created a new award for its members and named it after Michael R. Doucette, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Lynchburg.

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Ontario won allow turban wearing Sikhs to ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, a decision the Canadian Sikh Association called disappointing.

Premier Kathleen Wynne wrote to the organization last week, saying she had struggled with striking the right balance between public safety and religious accommodation.

careful deliberation, we have determined that we will not grant this type of exemption as it would pose a road safety risk, she wrote in the Aug. 14 letter.

the safety of Ontarians is my utmost priority, and I cannot justify setting that concern aside on this issue. mandatory helmet law is based on extensive research that shows the high risk of injury and death for motorcyclists who ride without a helmet, she added. Cheap Jerseys free shipping Mortality rates have gone down 30 per cent and head injury rates down 75 per cent in jurisdictions with such laws.

Courts have also found that Ontario law doesn infringe on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Ontario Human Rights Code, she said.

The association has been a strong advocate for an exemption and presented arguments, Wynne wrote.

the Ontario government has carefully monitored, and considered, the soundness of accommodating your position, drawing on relevant academic research, key legal decisions, and consultations with caucus and the community. organization said it felt let down by the Liberal government, which had promised to bring in legislation that would provide the exemption.

all our discussions and meetings and consultations, we were given the understanding, assurances, commitment that we will be moving forward on this, said Manohar Singh Bal, secretary of the association.

Members of all three parties as well as other high profile Canadian politicians, such as former premier Bob Rae, all support the exemption, he said. Former transportation minister Glen Murray promised to introduce a bill sometime in March or April this year.

premier has reversed her position, I will say, or has not followed through on the understandings and commitments that she gave, Bal said.

British Columbia, Manitoba and the United Kingdom have all enacted legislation that allows turban wearing Sikhs the right to ride a motorcycle, he said.

Wearing a turban is part of their religion and dress code, he said. They can go out in public without wearing one.

part of their very being as a person, Bal said.

Ontario Provincial Police allowed its uniformed officers to wear turbans long ago, but the province won grant Sikhs equality when it comes to the helmet law, he said.

mindboggling how they pick and choose where they want to accommodate Sikhs and where they don want to accommodate Sikhs, he said.

just like we at the mercy of the majority that they will pick and choose which rights we are entitled to and which rights we are not entitled to, and this is a classic example of that. a year ago, Wynne spoke out against Quebec controversial charter which aimed to impose restrictions on religious clothing and symbols on public servants.

Her government introduced a symbolic motion promising to oppose any bills that would restrict people freedom of expression and religion in public places, which was passed unanimously in the legislature.

NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh, who introduced a private member bill to support the helmet law exemption, said he also disappointed in the Liberals and will continue his efforts to protect all articles of faith.

the Wynne Liberals are happy to pay lip service to civil rights, when the rubber meets the road, this so called activist premier is quick to deny the Sikh community rights recognized elsewhere, he said in a statement.

West Van acquires Train Trailer Rentals

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. West Van has acquired all of the shares of Train Trailer Rentals from PLM trailers. Officials say the amalgamation of the two operations will create one of the largest trailer rental providers in Canada.

am thrilled with this acquisition and what it adds to our company, said Richard Gladden, principal of West Van, and original founder of Train Trailer Rentals. team at Train Trailers has the same dedication to quality and service that we have always had at West Van. I am confident the two operations will blend seamlessly and give us the ability to better serve out clients. Rapelje, general manager of Train Trailer Rentals, says he was delighted with the West Van acquisition. will afford new and exciting opportunities to broaden our service offerings and market reach with a company that shares our values and passion for customer service, he said.

West Van and Train Trailer Rentals provide transport trailer rentals including dry vans, refrigerated trailers, container chassis, and a full line of specialized trailers including flat beds, drop decks, low boys and removal goose necks, and operates full service repair shops with mobile service in Mississauga and Calgary.

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The international celebrities version of the clip which Wu Yi

A: The single best story in my book comes from San Antonio. In the early days of the Republic (after 1836) the state of Texas issued rights to settlers in San Antonio. That meant that the settlers could get free land, and all they had to do was survey it.

As a global campaign with immense social media outreach which encompasses music, pop culture and other elements, once it was launched, has attracted various major international stars support such as LeBron James, Eminem and Serena Williams. They all immediately participated with Dr Dre on the App Main Design enthusiastically, and this became the number one topic of American social media. The international celebrities version of the clip which Wu Yi Fan participated in was also aired on the big screens of Times Square..

wholesale jerseys from china Chatting after the set Robb revealed the band have twelve songs ready to go and will be laying down the tracks in the New Year. Given their live form and the quality of Dark Matter / Dark Energy it gonna be a must buy. He also revealed that a by product of their appearance at Hawkeaster (the boutique Hawkwind festival) is they now have a following of haired wizards Again, not something Green Day can boast.. wholesale jerseys from china

cheap jerseys Let start with hosts Gary Lyon and James Brayshaw. As they come to the end of their eighth season at the helm we can safely say the apprenticeship is over. The precarious role of the footy show host includes shepherding the awkward player panelists through two hours of television, keeping the show moving along, and most importantly controlling the un PC time bomb that is Sam Newman.. cheap jerseys

Cheap Jerseys from china Top teams have been chartering transnational preseason tours for decades. In 1968, Pele team, Santos, traveled from Brazil to New York City to play Napoli in front of 43,000. It a famous game that foreshadowed structural changes to the way big club teams spend their offseasons. Cheap Jerseys from china

cheap jerseys Welcome to The Tech Report. As you can probably tell by looking around, we are an online publication dedicated to PC hardware, gaming, and personal computing in all its forms. We aim to set ourselves apart from the crowd with clear, concise explanations of deep technical concepts with extensive empirical testing to help inform our opinions.. cheap jerseys

cheap nfl jerseys It does for kids, he said, mean by playing on a team wholesale jerseys from china, by understanding sacrifice, by understanding hard work, all these things you use in the workforce. All these things you use in real life. Shepherd stays busy while the games continue in the gym, and the referees keep order on the court cheap nfl jerseys.

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Theme song

Dear blog,

it’s been almost two and a half years since we last spoke. But you’re still here and so are my friends…

How do I know they are my real friends? Because I don’t use Facebook.

My life has turned upside down in the past two years. Actually, it turned upside down quite a few times. I have no regrets, because I’ve stayed true to myself all along. I always did what I believed was the right thing to do. Even when it hurt like hell.

You see, we all have our own theme song. People usually refer to it as personal integrity.

To sum it up: “If you believe in something, stand your ground.”

Rest assured it won’t be easy. It might even feel like the whole world has turned against you and that the universe will never run out of shit that’s hitting the fan inches away from your face.

All I can say is: “Wounds heal and the pain disappears. So don’t be a pussy.

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Mandatory Basic Coverage: In Washington State

Some cited the inner sense of sadness that she continued to live with following the death of her mother, Paula Yates, in 2000. Some said that she became dependent, and had regularly attended rehabilitation appointments, unbeknown to her “straight, family man” husband, Thomas Cohen. Others, that in a particularly low moment, she’d rekindled her relationship with an old demon and simply misjudged the strength; her tolerance levels lowered after months of abstinence..

wholesale nfl jerseys A peaking Stanford Cardinal awaits. (Artemis3) Despite not making the Big East tourney, have a great season to show for themselves and get selected for the Big Dance. No. Follow standard rules and add one to the parent chain for best raspberry ketone supplement Follow standard make sure that you buy them from a licensed pharmacy. The component was banned from been linked to weight reduction and improved health in as little as weeks, in response to a Harvard University study. Advantages of the white bean extract starting a diet, and during the process of losing weight. wholesale nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys china Last July, the FBI said it wasn’t recommending criminal charges against Clinton. Comey says the emails surfaced during an unrelated FBI case, but didn’t say where the new emails came from or who sent them. Official with knowledge of the case said the emails were related to a separate sexting probe involving Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Cheap Jerseys china

wholesale nfl jerseys from china BRIT had seen nothing like this before. Twenty years later, it’s never been the same. The New Yorkers juked and jived, razzled and dazzled, thunked and dunked. Mandatory Basic Coverage: In Washington State, every driver is required to have at least $25,000 in basic auto insurance coverage. If you look at your insurance plan, this will likely be seen as “25/50.” This means that your insurance will cover any one person in an accident for up to $25,000, and up to $50,000 for any one accident. This level of insurance is only the minimal requirement, though. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys Newman Cheap Jerseys from china, Social Work; Trevonna L. Newman, Family and Consumer Sciences; Yen H. Nguyen, Management; Shawn M. The last time I witnessed a cricket tournament in the USA, the contest between India A and Australia A was spoiled by a terrible pitch. Hopefully conditions this time will be more conducive to entertaining cricket. If the cricket isn’t top class, then in future Americans will be more likely to visit a rodeo or a goat roping than attend another cricket match. wholesale jerseys

Cheap Jerseys china Then I went home and was sick and had a headache and was in and out of the bathroom for a week. That shit really messed me up. So after that cleared up, I was like, I don need that anymore. As for cleats, I think the best look is a pair that looks like it came from the athletic department at a college. Team color or black nike football cleats only. I from a generation before nike lax cleats, so I guess those are cool too Cheap Jerseys china.

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