Oil killing geese

It’s happened again and Nicky Hall and other caring wildlife volunteers say it must stop.

This morning, Hall had the heartbreaking task of collecting two geese one dead and the other dying from the latest vegetable oil spill into Lake Wabukayne in Meadowvale.

“It really bothers me to see these birds die by our hands after years of effort to stop the spillage,” Hall told The News. Someone had called about two Canada Geese that apparently were in distress, and Hall was asked to investigate.

“By the time I got there, one was already dead and the other was clearly in a great deal of distress. Canada Goose sale I put them in my car and drove to Downsview (where the wildlife centre is located), but it died on the way,” she said.

It’s certainly a setback for Hall and other residents who live near the Glen Erin Dr./Britannia Rd. area man made lake. Just last summer, they formed a stewardship project to protect wildlife and the environment at the lake, and several hundred residents came out for the official launch.

The Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Project aims to educate and empower residents so the body of water, designed for storm water runoff, can remain a habitat for several hundred species of plants, animals and birds.

The initiative was in response to numerous oil spills at the lake over the past few years. Residents have had to rescue numerous ducks, and some died as a result of the spills.

As far back as December 2007, City of Mississauga officials determined that the vegetable oil had been dumped into a storm sewer before finding its way into Lake Wabukayne. They’ve even managed to trace the source of the pollution to a restaurant at a strip mall. Samples of oil collected from the waters of the lake and those from the restaurant were sent for analysis. However, due to a lack of conclusive evidence, the City hasn’t been able to lay charges as yet.

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