Oh, and don’t forget your tickets

Accessories go a long way, too (belts, hair ribbons, bracelets).Set up a canopy outside to protect yourself from the sun, and slather on high number sunscreen or spray on some insect repellant.Never leave home without a boom box, portable radio or laptop computer for listening to pre game reports.Make sure your paperwork is in check. Grab a copy of the Sunday sports section from your team’s local paper. Oh, and don’t forget your tickets.Prepare themed foods based on the opponent (for example, make mahi mahi if your team is playing against the Miami Dolphins).You’ll need a grill, a propane tank, a lighter, a fire extinguisher, plates, utensils, cups, napkins, paper towels and a bottle and can opener.Drinks are essential, so make sure your cooler is stocked with bottled water (a must), as well as your choice of soda, juice and alcoholic beverages.Finally, keep a supply of garbage bags at all times.

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