Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, (310) 274 5576

President and sole owner of Brenner Design, founded in 1992 and the largest solely woman owned architectural firm in Indiana, Brenner works with clients who are moving, right sizing or rebranding. She also owns B Contracting, founded in 2002, which specializes in traffic control, site protection and materials supply. B is currently working on the Georgia Street project and the IUPUI parking garage.

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It was Tet, the lunar New Year Replica Designer Handbags, and people were celebrating. The sergeant who volunteered us for KP had told us we were under a yellow alert, but not to worry. It was just Tet. He did not disclose how much the outage would cost the resort or exactly how many guests would require accommodations at the other hotels.”You have the customers who are frustrated, who’ve been displaced,” Broome said Replica Handbags, but many Rio customers are still enjoying the facilities. The first floor of the Masquerade Tower was not affected, and so there are still “people eating and playing” on the casino floor, even if they cannot stay in the rooms upstairs.In November, a power outage similarly forced hotel guests to evacuate the Paris hotel, also a Caesars property. The Paris outage, however, was caused when workers accidentally drilled through the resort’s primary power line.

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