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12 Refreshing Parka Options for This Winter

The geese are about to invade.

Now that the temperature has dropped and coats are beginning to come out of the back of the hall closet, if you live in a city, get ready to see armies of black clad, parka wearing office drones marching down the sidewalks. And while everyone from the Swedish royal family to Kate Upton has adopted the brand’s thigh length parka, I think it’s time to break from the trend. Sure, the coats are warm, but so are plenty of other parkas and just because an item of clothing is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting to look at, too. Branch out.canada goose sale

After all, winter coats are an investment which is why, when you buy one, it needs to be something you’ll want to wear nearly every day for the next five months (or better yet, three years).

So to that end, here are six other technical outwear specialists that, like Canada Goose, are worthy of the splurge and also like the Toronto based luxury brand, have likely been around longer than you’d expect.’s Northerner utility jacket (left) and Polar Trench (right). Bonus: All its outerwear and activewear are backed by a lifetime warranty.

What to Buy: The brand is known for its insulated jackets and shells. 16 (right).

What to Buy: Everything they make is stylish yet practical. Take the reversible Down Jacket No. (Hey, it works for our Nordic kinsman.)

Stone Island

Stone Island’s David TC jacket (left) and quilted shell down coat (right).

Woolrich John Rich Bros.

Woolrich John Rich Bros. Mackinaw Parka (left) and Arctic Parka DF (right). is the contemporary offshoot of the 185 year old heritage brand Woolrich, which is the oldest American outdoor clothing company still doing business today. It combines the brand’s historical identity rooted in a utilitarian outdoor style with a refreshing twist on Americana.

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