Rabbitohs’ run gives Stevens hazy reminder of glory days

THE BAR room within Gary Stevens’s oceanside home at Malabar is his pride and joy. On its walls are South Sydney jumpers signed by the club’s greatest players, himself included, framed black and white images of the international second rower in his heyday and almost century old jerseys of his grandfather, Arthur Oxford, a goalkicking champion who played in Souths’ premiership team of 1918 as well as for Australia.

It is a collection of memorabilia to drop the jaw of a rugby league historian or Souths tragic. The only problem is that for Stevens the memories do not come flooding back.

A member of the Rabbitohs’ last grand final winning side in 1971, as well as the team that beat Manly to the old NSWRL title the year before, the former international forward shared the most formidable of back rows with Bob McCarthy and Ron Coote, not to mention a pack that also included John O’Neill, John Sattler and George Piggins.

Yet as a result of a perpetual issue with blood clots in his brain, Stevens remembers little if anything of the 1970 and 1971 grand finals. wholesale jerseys from china He believes his memory loss stems from a scrum gone wrong during a Test match against Great Britain at the SCG in the mid 1970s.

”When the scrum broke I was laying face down in the mud. It’s come back to haunt me,” Stevens said. ”I’ve now got a cloud of blood in my brain so I can’t remember too many things. I’ve got to keep taking these tablets every day of my life to thin my blood out. I’d rather have no leg than what I’ve got. I go to functions and I can’t remember people, I can’t remember stories and stuff like that. There’s no pain involved but my memory loss is terrible.”

Stevens lives a comfortable life. He is a picture of fitness, working out three times a week in a gym he has installed in his garage, and his sprawling home and the pair of German SUVs in the driveway are evidence that he did as well as a builder as he did as a footballer.

The memory loss is simply his Achilles heel. His short term memory is the worst. Stevens’s wife Kay took him to yesterday’s ex players function at South Sydney Leagues Club because he cannot remember the way to Redfern Oval. He had to give up the building game because he could not recall where he had put a hammer, ladder or anything else.

What hurts as much as anything, though, is the haziness his storied career with Souths, and later Canterbury, is now imprisoned by. Stevens speaks with unbridled passion about his 163 games for Souths from 1965 to 1976, about captaining the club in his final year there, about his first class lineage and about the 1971 grand final. The details do not readily come back to him, however. ”I can vaguely remember things. As soon as I try and remember it just goes,” he said. ”As soon as I start to think it goes hazy.”

Stevens will be at ANZ Stadium tonight, willing Michael Maguire’s team to upset Des Hasler’s Bulldogs and reach a first grand final in generations. He will do so despite the fact his own time at Redfern ended in acrimony. He played in 1977 and 1978 at Belmore before contracting hepatitis, he suspects through sharing water bottles and sponges in the dressing sheds, and retiring.

”I had 13 years with Souths, I was a Souths junior, and Canterbury treated me twice as good as what Souths did [at the end],” he said. ”The club was going bad financially and they wouldn’t buy us a drink or anything. I used to take the players after a game back to my place for a drink.

”At the end of the year, I played virtually every game and got the best and fairest but they got rid of me. Canterbury treated me like a god.”

That does not mean that Stevens is in any way sitting on the fence tonight. His family has been a famous one at Souths for nearly 100 years so his loyalties are not in question. ”I still respect Souths and I still follow them. It wasn’t the club that did it, it was the people that were in charge then and they’re all dead and buried,” he said. ”I’m still a Souths supporter, right down I hope they win the comp.

”I think they can do it this year. They’ve got to play their best football but I think they can do it.

”It’d be the greatest thing that’s ever happened.”

And if they make the grand final? ”I’m going to go to the game that’s for sure,” he said. ”And I’ll get some enjoyment out of it, whether I remember the game or not.”

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Shown on the catwalk to a languorous reggae soundtrack

But the movie also takes pains to applaud the decency of another manager, Al (Kevin Costner), who sees Katherine’s talent and does his part to fight on her behalf. Notably Cheap Prada Bags, he acts not because he suddenly grasps that segregation is an abomination, but because he realizes that it’s actively undermining staffproductivity. “Hidden Figures” may have a slick Hollywood sheen, but it’s quite shrewd about how sweeping changes on one front in this case, the ’60s space race and the rise of electronic computing can precipitate necessary social reforms on another..

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I didn’t get sick, somehow, but the place still smelled like a

I’ve shared this story with a couple of girlfriends. After laughing, they all said they’d never heard of such a thing. Are we prudes or is this something I’m missing out on?. He going over EVERYTHNG on my left arm to brighten it up. It already looks wicked rad.For Halloween in Kent, we have to option of hanging inside and outside the new tattoo parlor which is tits because we can drink beer inside and the beer will be FREE, provided by ME. Good idea since it was impossible to get into the bars.

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Locals will either ignore you completely

That has been her trademark from the start. Her version of casual are pants with cuffs (when she does wear pants), and a cashmere sweater. Or a pair of black silk pajamas. Greene retired as a principal in the Clifton school district. He leaves to cherish his memory three children, Joseph G. Greene III (Teresa), Tracey M.

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Anyhow, before I knew what was happening, the chair first

fault causes bags to miss flight to mackay

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cheap jerseys

The turkey was Benjamin Franklin’s choice for the United States’s national bird. The noble fowl was a favored food of Native Americans. When Europeans arrived, they made it one of only two domestic birds native to the Americas the Muscovy duck shares the distinction.

Yet by the early 20th century, wild turkeys no longer roamed over much of their traditional range. They had been wiped out by hunting and the disappearance of their favored woodland habitat.

Wild turkeys typically forage on forest floors, but can also be found in grasslands and jerseys They feed on nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, and salamanders.

Wild turkey reintroduction programs began in the 1940s, and the birds were relocated to areas where populations had been decimated but woodlands were recovering. Such efforts worked so well that wild turkeys now live in areas where they may not have occurred when Europeans first reached the Americas. Today, flocks are also found in Hawaii, Europe, and New Zealand.

Only male turkeys display the ruffled feathers, fanlike tail, bare head, and bright beard commonly associated with these birds. They also gobble with a distinctive sound that can be heard a mile (a kilometer and a half) away.

Females lay 4 to 17 eggs, and feed their chicks after they hatch but only for a few days. Young turkeys quickly learn to fend for themselves as part of mother/child flocks that can include dozens of animals. Males take no role in the care of young turkeys.

Domestic turkeys have white tipped tails because they are the descendants of a Mexican subspecies that was taken to Europe for domestication in the early 16th century. The feature distinguishes them from most modern wild turkeys, though captive diet, lifestyle, and breeding have caused other physical discrepancies.

Why You Feel Dizzy When You Stand Up

The dizziness occurs because of a transient drop in blood pressure. When you stand up quickly, a gravitational force pulls blood toward your feet.

In order to compensate, your nervous system kicks into overdrive, increasing your heart rate and tightening up your blood vessels to try to maintain your BP, says Dr. Gibbons.

But if your blood vessels stay too relaxed, the process becomes delayed. As a result, low blood flow to the brain causes you to feel dizzy and lightheaded for a few seconds.

You more likely to experience this if your blood pressure runs naturally low or if you take BP medications that relax your blood vessels.

Other things that may cause it: lying down for a long time or being dehydrated.

That why it common to feel dizzy or lightheaded when you stand up while you exercising, or after you stagger out of bed when you sick with the flu, says Dr. Gibbons.

Usually the dizziness only lasts for a few seconds before it subsides. That totally normal and nothing to worry about.

But if you notice yourself getting dizzier the longer you stand, you may have a more serious problem.

would suggest that the blood pressure has dropped and is not recovering, says Dr. Gibbons.

A drop in systolic blood pressure top number in a BP reading at least 20 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) after standing for 3 minutes counts as a medical condition called orthostatic hypotension. This affects mainly the elderly, though an estimated 5 percent of people under 50 suffer from it, too.

And it something you want to get checked out right away: People with orthostatic hypotension were significantly more likely to die over a 10 year follow up than those without the condition, a recent study from Dr. Gibbons found.

Related: The New Blood Pressure Number You Should Strive For

Orthostatic hypotension can lead to fainting and falls, which can cause injury, but the condition also signals that something in your body isn working properly, says Dr. Gibbons.

It may point to diseases like diabetes or Parkinson both of which can damage your nerves and disrupt your body blood pressure regulation.

So if you notice you always feel dizzy when you get up that it gets worse the longer you stand an appointment with your doctor.

He or she can measure your BP to check for orthostatic hypotension. It may be a simple fix like changing the medications you currently taking, or your doctor may run further tests to find out if there a larger underlying cause.

Wild geese do not increase flight behaviour prior to migration

Hypertrophy of the flight muscles is regularly observed in birds prior to long distance migrations. We tested the hypothesis that a large migratory bird would increase flight behaviour prior to migration, in order to cause hypertrophy of the flight muscles, and upregulate key components of the aerobic metabolic pathways. Implantable data loggers were used to record year round heart rate in six wild barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis), and the amount of time spent in flight each day was identified. Time in flight per day did not significantly increase prior to either the spring or the autumn migration, both between time periods prior to migration (5, 10 and 15 days), or when compared with a control period of low activity during winter. The lack of significant increase in flight prior to migration suggests that approximately 22 min per day is sufficient to maintain the flight muscles in condition for prolonged long distance flight. This apparent lack of a requirement for increased flight activity prior to migration may be attributable to pre migratory mass gains in the geese increasing workload during short flights, potentially prompting hypertrophy of the flight muscles.

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Louis, so the four merging ABA teams agreed to pay the St

safrf ceo philippe petitcolin on q4 2015 results

Is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of Whitney Houston. I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, I will always love you. You will be missed.’ Lattimore, R singer:.

Replica Celine Bags Now gross margin also improved by 10 basis points in the year with improved momentum over the second half as shown by the improvement of 16 basis 60 basis points as we’ve just mentioned. The one second, because the text disappears. This remains an important priority obviously for us for Jean Marc and the finance team to continue to expand the gross margin expansion and we’ll talk about that later. Replica Celine Bags

Replica Celine That deal was brokered as a condition of four ABA teams the Pacers into the NBA in 1976. The NBA didn’t want St. Louis, so the four merging ABA teams agreed to pay the St. Betta are what are called fishes They do not breath the same way as other fish you may be familiar with, those rice paddies they originally came from (where they evolved) are stagnant, low oxygen environments, so Betta splendens is right at home in low oxygen environments. When you see them for air at the surface Replica Celine Bags, it normal and nothing to worry about. That is how they breath.. Replica Celine

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