Without Bernie Sanders, we would have the political spectrum

Manufacturing jobs. Manufacturers become more competitive in the global market, many companies are their production back to home turf. Manufacturing this year. Without Bernie Sanders, we would have the political spectrum above. Hillary Clinton and the conservative wing of the Democratic Party have moved rightward into a corporate centrist (neoliberal) position. This position has a certain amount of flexibility on social issues but adheres strictly to unregulated capitalism and favors international trade deals that benefit large corporations rather than domestic jobs, the environment, or fair wage or labor standards.

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More women began to be elected to higher office in the United States, and 1992 was labeled the Year of the Woman, as a result. By the end of the decade, attitudes had even changed towards former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was elected to the Senate, which was the first time any First Lady had continued to be so active in politics after her husband’s term of office had ended.

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