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Select Comfort Corporation, incorporated on February 27, 1987, is a designer, manufacturer, marketer, retailer and servicer of a line of Sleep Number beds. The Company’s Sleep Number bed offers SleepIQ technology sensors that work directly with the bed’s DualAir technology to monitor each individual’s sleep. The Company also offers a line of sleep products, including FlextFit adjustable base technology and Sleep Number pillows, sheets and other bedding products. The Company offers Sleep Number beds in a range of sizes, including twin, full, queen, eastern king and California king. It offers Sleep Number beds in four series, which includes Classic Series, Performance Series, Innovation Series and Memory Foam Series. The Performance Series includes its mattresses with a balance of softness and pressure relieving support. The series includes the Sleep Number p5 and p6 beds. The Memory Foam Series is breathable and contouring. The series includes the Sleep Number m6 and m7 beds. The Innovation Series is focused on individualized comfort and temperature balancing. The series includes the Sleep Number i8 and i10 beds. The company’s Sleep Number x12 bed features the integration of multiple technology options, including its exclusive FlexFit three adjustable base, and its SleepIQ technology.

The Company’s Sleep Number bedding collection is another line of products that include Create Your Perfect Pillow and AirFit pillow. The pillows are available in its CoolFit foam, memory fiber or goose down. It also offers Create Your Perfect ComforterSM and an assortment of temperature balancing products. The Company offers a line of FlexFit adjustable bases, which enable customers to raise the head or foot of the bed, and to experience the comfort of massage, using a handheld remote control.wholesale jerseys In addition, the Company’s DualTemp layer features air technology that allows each person to select his/her ideal temperature at the touch of a button. The DualTemp layer can be used with any mattress brand or adjustable base.

The company sells its products through approximately two distribution channels. The Company Controlled channel, which includes Retail, Direct Marketing and E Commerce, sells directly to consumers. Its wholesale/other channel sells to and through selected retail and wholesale customers in the United States and Australia, and the QVC shopping channel. The Company has approximately two manufacturing plants, which distribute Sleep Number products.

The manufacturing operations in South Carolina and Utah consist of quilting and sewing of the fabric covers for its beds, and final assembly and packaging of mattresses and bases. In addition, its electrical Firmness Control Systems are assembled in its Utah plant. It has manufacturing plant in Greenville, South Carolina that distributes Comfortaire products. The manufacturing operations consist of final assembly and packaging of mattresses and bases.

Even as a controversy over glorification of Mahatma Gandhi assassin Nathuram Godse by Hindu right wing elements rages, Godse niece Himani Savarkar has justified the move to construct a temple in her uncle name as one based on “personal choice” and also called for re writing of history, which, she added, was loaded in favour of the Gandhi Nehru family with little mention of other freedom fighters.

Himani, the daughter of Nathuram brother Gopal and daughter in law of freedom fighter “Swatantryaveer” Vinayak Damodar Savarkar younger brother Narayanrao (aka Balarao), accused the Congress of glossing over the killings of former premiers Indira and Rajiv Gandhi and focussing only on Godse to target Brahmins and gain minority votes. She also called for images of freedom fighters Lokmanya Tilak, Savarkar and Vasudeo Balwant Phadke, who she said had paid a much heavier price fighting the British than the Mahatma and Jawaharlal Nehru, being used on currency notes.

“Whether they want to construct a temple is a personal issue. This is not the policy of the Hindu Mahasabha. venerating someone is a private issue. The constitution allows for freedom of opinion and expression. There are various streams of opinion in the country,” said Himani, while replying to questions on activists of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha initiating these moves. She added that it was wrong to give the issue a political colour.

Himani is the vice president of the outfit which was earlier led by Swatatryaveer Savarkar, and also heads the radical Abhinav Bharat founded by the revolutionary. Abhinav Bharat members have been nabbed by the police for their alleged involvement in the 2008 Malegaon blasts.

“There was no need for a ruckus on the (temple) issue. The Congress has lost the elections badly and lacks a plank to corner (the) Modi (government) with and hence is using this. The government is actually not related to this,” said Himani.

She pointed out that while her uncle had killed the Mahatma in 1948, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi had been assassinated in 1984 and 1991, respectively. “Three Gandhis were killed. However, they do not talk of these two assassins. Priyanka (Vadra) even met Nalini (a conspirator in her father Rajiv killing) in jail. There is no ruckus about the other two (assassins) and on anti Hindu statements by (AIMIM leader Akbaruddin) Owaisi, but the controversy is only about Nathuram Godse. This is not because of love for Mahatma Gandhi, but hatred for Brahmins,” charged Himani, alleging that Savarkar contribution to the freedom movement had been denied by the Congress because of its “anti Brahminism”.

“They (Congress) are stung whenever the issue of Hindus come up. This is because of vote bank politics,” she alleged.

“The time to re write history has surely come,” said Himani, who has unsuccessfully contested the assembly polls twice from Pune, while seeking that other stalwarts of the freedom struggle be represented on currency notes.

“Did only Gandhi and Nehru ensure Independence?. Phadke, Tilak and the Chafekar brothers also fought the British,” she said, adding that while Tilak and Bose were externed to Mandalay (Myanmar) on kaala paani, Savarkar and Phadke had been sent to the Andamans and Eden, respectively, where they had to face immense hardship.

“Where were Gandhi and Nehru jailed? At the Aga Khan palace (in Pune), where they got mosquito nets and facility to drink milk? In contrast, these people (like Savarkar) had to be brought out on a stretcher,” said Himani, adding that the “British used Gandhi as a safety valve.” While admitting Gandhi “patriotism”, she questioned why Gandhi and Nehru had not been externed like others.

Himani also admitted that the insistence of some Hindutva leaders on celebrating January 30 (the day of Gandhi assassination by Godse) as Diwas without understanding the reasons for the extreme act was wrong. She pointed to how Godse, who respected Gandhi, had voluntarily surrendered to the police and explained his philosophy behind the move in court, while admitting to his mistake.

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Are you looking for egg drop designs for your child’s school project? My 14 year old daughter tried several methods using parachutes, balloons, a roll of duct tape (aka duck tape) and each attempt led to a pile of egg goop and a disappointed young lady. The parachute slowed the descent of the egg, but the last 1/4 inch was the same sound sort of a “crack” and a “thud” mixed together. The balloons, though colorful, popped on impact and so did the egg. The roll of duct tape was a futile attempt to coat this critter in plastic wrap and somehow hoping this would hold the egg firmly together. After the drop, the seeping egg juice made it clear that this approach was not the solution.

And so began our internet search for a solution to our egg drop project.Canada Goose Outlet We were fortunate to find many techniques and this project went from a “hey Dad would you help me on my homework for an hour” to a two day trial and error science project. Of all the egg drop designs we found, this one worked the best.

Step 1 Wrap the egg in bubble wrap.

Step 2 Set the bubble wrapped egg into a small 3″ X 3″ box. (3 inches by 3 inches)

Step 3 Line a 2nd box about 9″ X 9″ in size with newspaper.

Step 4 Set the 1st box inside the 2nd box and wrap with more newspaper. (I guess the egg needs something to read mid flight)

Step 5 Line a 3rd box about 12″ X 12″ in size with newspaper.

Step 6 You guessed it Set the 2nd box inside the 3rd box and wrap with more newspaper.

Step 7 Prepare for Launch!

Our Testing:

We tested ours from a 93 foot fire tower yes, that was quite a climb up 140 stairs!

After (3) attempts, we agreed the design was successful and Daddy needed a break from climbing stairs.

Then Dad had another of his “hey honey I have an idea” moments and out came the aluminum Louisville Slugger bat he used 20 years ago in high school. Determined to show his daughter the great structural integrity of her design, he handed his bat to his daughter, lobbed the box underhand to her, and she attempted to knock it into the neighbors lawn. It made a big “thud” noise and landed 8 feet.

We opened the box and, to our amazement, the inner box was in tact with the egg unharmed!

Then came the neighbors. After re taping the outer box, we gave each neighborhood kid a swing at this thing. After each swing, we opened the box, confirmed the egg was okay, added some duct tape to the box, and pitch it again to another kid. This became quite a popular event and taught the kids a little science in the process.

Next Step:

Try different techniques and designs. Please leave a comment with your findings. Thanks!

My daughters and I have lots of fun with school projects. I enjoy hearing them laugh and live by the philosophy “make it entertaining make it fun make it memorable”. seems like we always have a neighborhood audience for that “what will they think of next” neighbor.

Glad to be back on InfoBarrel. I had an extended assignment that (regrettably) took me away from my online writing activities. That assignment will soon be completed and I’ll have more free time. I miss the Forum and interacting with the individuals I met on InfoBarrel. Soon to return. :)

This Is a special request for some ways for which busy people can still feel connected to their Angels/Guides ect. When really busy or not able to meditate on this.

Obviously it is good too meditate even if this is 5 minutes a day of closing your eyes, because it raises your levels of awareness, and puts you in a calm clear state in order to feel and hear divine guidance,wisdom inspiration.

But you don have to meditate too have a connection at any time of the day, so here are some examples of times to call on the energies too help you when you are in a hurry!

The hardest part will be remembering to do it!

When You are having a shower this is a great time too call on the Angels of prosperity.

Hop in the shower and as you wash yourself ask that the water flowing over you is flushing away the old parts of you and bringing in a new wave of abundance. This is instant.

While watching TV and a commercial comes on, ask for something to be said that will be a message for you you will know that the message is for you when you suddenly, smile, get goose bumps, jump or even become emotional all very easy to do and instant!

To heal yourself quickly just take your open hands and place them on the soles of your feet we pick up alot of psychic debris this way, so your hands can dissolve this with the Angels help. Grab your feet and imagine Archangel Raphael is behind you and he is pouring emerald green light through your hands too your feet.

You Are instantly cleared! You may move up to the rest of your body if you are comfortable but don forget to wash your hands straight away and to thank Raphael for this healing.

Ask your Guardian Angel to touch your left hand You will feel tickles and flitters of energy there instant connection for the day!

If you need a Miracle too happen Call on HAMIED the Angel Of Miracles. Just tell him the situation and you need a miracle solution.

Once you have asked him he will do his best to help.

Don forget to thank him and imagine it happening now!

Play music whenever you can and ask for a message in the 3rd song you play can be heavy metal to classical whatever you want it will not upset the Angels/Gods Goddesses ect.!

Ask for protection of the Angels at each entrance too your home just imagining this is enough to have it done instantly!

Before bed at night ask for a dream visit or healing sleep.

Best too call on Archangel Michael as he like to work with you through your dreams.

Start writing things down when you wake up you will see messages this way!

Before An Exam, ask for the expert Angel in that particular area too guide you with the answers Boy Does this ever work!!

Too loose weight/gain weight, ask for a Personal Trainer Angel to guide you to what will work for you!

Again instant help will come just be open too it! For pets Ask for protection from the fairy or Archangel Haniel. If you have a sick/injured animal, ask for guidance to the correct expert.

To connect with Angels all day just choose a crystal of any particular colour and ask any Angel who wants too spend the day with you too please stand behind you today.

So you see, there are many ways and situations that you can easily have a connection with Angels or any divinity you choose all they ask for is to be open to your inner nudges, thoughts or feelings you receive.

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